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When we have allergies, we have inflammation, and from that comes disease, dysfunction, immune breakdown, and pain.

Energetic Allergy Healing is a unique, life-changing modality that heals and eliminates allergies and inflammation from our bodies. An allergy is traditionally defined as a hypersensitive physical reaction to specific substances, but it is so much more than that. An allergy is essentially inner resistance showing up as a negative, immune reaction in your body.

When you are in any kind of resistance - emotional, mental, spiritual, it affects you physically - you literally absorb this resistance into your body. This is what allergies and inflammation are.


Energetic Allergy Healing releases this unconscious resistance and restores harmony by clearing deep negative programming, trauma, and emotions and other low vibrational energies that are causing this resistance within you. When this happens, your body naturally falls back into alignment with your external and internal environment at the energetic and cellular levels.

As a result, substances in your environment, such as grains, pollens or dust, that previously caused an allergic reaction will no longer affect you because you have reached deep harmony on an energetic and cellular level.

  1. Heal/Clear an allergy

  2. Calm down and heal inflammation,

  3. Heal/repair the body, whatever is going on the body, pain, illness/infections, disease, rashes, getting eaten alive by bugs, addictions, cravings

  4. Aid in the release toxins

  5. Addiction/Cravings

  6. Prevention of disease and breakdown of your body and body systems

  7. Use it to go deeper on clearing traumatic life event energy patterns including cellular memories.

  8. Use it to heal trauma at specific ages for powerful inner child healing

  9. Heal your relationship with your SELF, with your body, with food, with your environment

  10. You can use it to break emotional and mental patterns - Shift mood/lift mood - transmute emotions

  11. Become more grounded and connected to inner voice/ guidance

  12. Rebuild immune system, all systems of the body over time, heal your heart

We begin by clearing allergies with a personalized system arranged in the order of priority for your body to build and support a strong immune system. I use muscle testing to determine what allergies you have and their priority. Most clients need 3-6 sessions to fully clear their concerns.

I start by checking what I refer to as the fundamentals

Fundamentals the elements with which our bodies are built, like proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Then I move on to making sure the digestive system is clear of the things it needs to function at its best, as good digestion is foundational for the health of every other part of your body, from your nervous system to your reproductive system to your brain. Once the foundation is done, we move on to the “fun” stuff that really gets people excited like clearing allergies to pets, pollens, and foods that keep you from fully experiencing and enjoying your life.

Most people don’t realize that they are sensitive to so many things, and that many of these are affecting their body in a variety of complex and unexpected ways. 

Energetic Allergy Healing also helps you clear allergies or sensitivities to unhealthy cravings to foods such as sugars, alcohol, salt, fats, dairy, carbs, and even fast food (those food chemicals are highly addictive!). The result is a significant reduction or complete resolution of cravings or addictions that wreak havoc on your health and your body.

But this work goes much deeper than just healing an allergy, addiction or sensitivity on a physical level.

All allergies and inflammation are connected to low vibrational emotions like fear, guilt, shame, anger, and resentment. They are created by negative belief systems and stored trauma. When you heal your allergies with Energetic Allergy Healing, you release these dense, heavy energies and create a powerful shift in your physical body and your mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies shifting into greater health, joy, peace, and abundance in your heart, body, mind and soul. 


Energetic Allergy Healing Single Session, $199, includes:

  • 30 minute initial Zoom consultation to go over health history

  • Laurie then composes Energetic Allergy Healing tailored to priorities from consultation

  • One 10-15 minute healing recording is delivered electronically for limitless replay

  • One check-in via text or email

Energetic Allergy Healing 6 Week Package, $577, includes:


  • 30 minute initial Zoom consultation to go over health history

  • Two additional biweekly Zoom sessions focused on priorities

  • Three Energetic Allergy Healings tailored to priorities from consultation sessions

  • Three 10-15 minute healing recordings are delivered electronically for limitless replay

  • Three check-ins via text or email (one per off-week)

  • Note: Zoom sessions and check-ins to be completed within six (6) weeks of the initial consultation

Energetic Allergy Healing Form
Let's Get Started! 

  1. By clicking the button below, it will open an Energetic Allergy Healing Google questionnaire.

  2. Please complete the questionnaire and click "Submit" at the bottom of it.

  3. I will receive an email with your completed questionnaire.

  4. I will be in touch via the email address you provided within 72 hours to let you know whether I feel we are energetically aligned to work together. If you haven't seen an email within 72 hours, be sure to check your spam folder. If you don't see it there, please email me at: In your email, I will include a link to book and pay for your session(s).

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