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Rahanni – “of one heart” is gentle but a very powerful non-invasive hands on healing modality.  It releases all fear based thinking and negativity by balancing the energetic body and opening you up to love, truth and compassion. It helps you with communication and to gain control over your life.


It’s 5th dimensional, high frequency energy that works with the heart center. It is love based and allows you to open up and let go by helping you to release fear, stress, worry and anxiety. 

The Rahanni Angels come through on the Pink Ray and correspond with the heart chakra. This modality of healing works on all 4 energy bodies - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. During a session I channel the Rahanni Angels and Spiritual Team to bring forward the healing needed at that time. Messages and information also flow through in the session.

Rahanni Celestial Healing gives you a huge sense of peace, tranquility and harmony filling you with love and positivity. It helps to release negative energy built up over time.

Rahanni works on a higher vibration reducing the healing time. There may be occasions that more than one session will be required. 


DISCLAIMER: Rahanni is a complementary therapy and works alongside conventional medicine. Clients will NEVER be told to discontinue their medication. I am not a medical professional or medically trained and as such cannot give medical advice. No claims are made with regards to the outcome. As a precaution I am only able to offer distant healing to: Cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy/radiotherapy and anyone with a pacemaker. 

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Single Rahanni Celestial Healing 1 hour session, $133 includes: (over zoom or in person)

  • Consultation

  • Evaluation

  • Rahanni Energy Treatment


3 Session Bundle for Rahanni Celestial Healing: $333

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