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Are unresolved traumas of the past causing disharmony in the present?

Is old energy/the past dragging you down?

Are you looking for a powerful transformation, but you are feeling stuck and don't know why?

You’ve come to the right place to strengthen your pillars of Health, Wealth, Abundance, Love, Self Worth, Self Trust and Self Love

LAURIE IS A QUANTUM Healer, Teacher and Mentor


Hello! Thank you for visiting my website! Here's a little bit about my story... as a child, I was interested in learning about crystals/stones and had quite the collection. But then the "get real" moment happened because that wasn’t a “cool” thing, so I tossed them aside… for the time being...


Over the years I have had many “conversations” with Masters, teachers and loved ones that reside outside of our 3D world but mostly ignored it because it wasn’t something that was really talked about.

And then slowly over the last several years of course work and personal research, I have fully opened up to these special relationships and have developed my own method to help others with their breakthroughs physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

My journey is one of self-discovery, personal growth, and a deepening connection with metaphysical and spiritual realms. I now use my knowledge and abilities to assist others on their own healing and spiritual paths. It is an honor and I would love to work with you! 

Laurie is a certified Akashic Records Practitioner, Sacred Soul Symbols Healer, Rahanni Celestial Healer and Energetic Allergy Healer.

Did you know that your body is made up of approximately 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms? Each of those 7 billion billion billion atoms is composed of a tiny, microscopic nucleus (made of protons and neutrons) with electrons orbiting the nucleus.

What makes this even more interesting is that while scientists had initially observed what appeared to be a large amount of "empty space" between the nucleus and orbiting electrons, upon closer observation they have now discovered this isn't empty space at all.

It's actually energy. In fact, we now understand that each atom is 99.99% energy... and only 0.01% physical mass. This means your body is over 99% ENERGY and less than 1% physical mass.

So, when we try to heal just the physical mass portion of our bodies, that strategy is the same as focusing on just the tip of the iceberg (the very small portion above the water's surface versus the much larger portion below the water's surface).

Wouldn't you agree then that we should look into healing your ENERGY?

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KIND Words

Laurie did an Akashic reading for me recently. I was really impressed because I asked her a question about which I thought would be a band aid for my situation. Her Spirit Guides told her that wasn't the best area I should concentrate on. They guided her to tell me to focus on my problem head on. She couldn't have known about this since I hadn't mentioned it. Laurie gave me some practical advice and different avenues to explore. Her kindness and concern were apparent, and I highly recommend her.

- Barbra T.


When you told me about Rahanni Celestial Healing, and then put me on your table, I instantly knew to trust you.  I felt myself drift into the Cosmic, while you removed things from my body and mind, and showed me a time when I was happy and carefree.  I felt lifted, and restored in many areas, as my body has seen some insults and injuries over the years.  I also found a heightened sense of well-being and had more energy, serenity, focus, and a bit of detox to work through, but as expected…


I couldn’t be more proud of your dedication to the healing arts.  I see you ready to shine on the whole of Earth…I am completely thrilled, telling all my friends!  I have tremendous gratitude for your working with me, Laurie.  I will be back soon! You have had such a beautiful impact on me in spirit, mind and body!  Thanks again, you are just amazing…

- Kat


I'm writing to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible Rahanni healing session I experienced with you. From the moment I stepped into your serene space, I felt a sense of peace and comfort wash over me. During the treatment, I could distinctly feel the energy flowing through my body, and it was truly remarkable. Towards the end, I experienced a gentle pulsating sensation in my brain as you worked to balance my energy centers. It was unlike anything I've ever felt before on my "woo-woo" journey! Thank you for sharing your incredible gift of healing with me, Laurie. I wholeheartedly recommend your Rahanni treatments to anyone seeking a profound and transformative experience.

- Catherine



I just had a phenomenal Akashic reading by Laurie Cole! Her advice was spot on and nothing happens in God's world by accident!

Thank you so much for affirming what I need to do to go forward and for sharing my Akashic keepers humor.

I would highly recommend Laurie and am looking forward to seeing what happens with the fabulous direction I was given today. I appreciate you sister!

- Connie R.


Just had a reading with Laurie Cole It was amazing.

I could feel a sensation of her unlocking my records, spot on and straight to the point. I can highly recommend her, thank you so much 🙏

- Deb 💙


Laurie Cole is a consummate professional with a profound understanding of the Akashic Records. Her unique insights into these records offer a transformative experience for her clients. I've personally witnessed her allergy healing sessions, and they're nothing short of powerful. Laurie has a remarkable ability to uncover and address issues that one may not even be aware of, resulting in profound healing and transformation. Her dedication to her craft and her clients is truly commendable. I highly recommend Laurie for anyone seeking deep healing and spiritual growth.



Laurie really made me feel at ease for my first Rahanni experience. She is a gifted healer and helped me experience a personal, meaningful connection. I highly recommend her!

- Erin


I am so blessed and grateful to have been working with Laurie this year in assisting me to transmute old, outdated allergies, pathogens, relationships I had with medications and the reactions I had from them.

I had weird experiences and trauma from a few medications, and I could feel the energy working in the areas the medication was intending. She also asked me if I wanted to work on my allergies to gluten, dairy and my ibs/sibo. I was thrilled to have awareness of what was going on in my body and I had no idea some of the medications played a roll.

Her healing energetic reiki sent to me after the zoom session was an amazing bonus because it allowed a form of calm and peace to come into the body before the recording so my body was more open to the healing. I highly recommend Laurie for allergies and the body connection!

- Steph


Laurie is an amazing Rahanni healer. Although I’ve had only a few sessions with her, I’ve made noticeable progress in healing physically, spiritually and emotionally. Her presence is very calming, loving and healing. I plan to do as many sessions as it takes me to get where I want to be. Thank you!


- Angela K.


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